Alain Mion

"Alain Mion is really a formidable jazz pianist, certainly one of a kind in the 'soul jazz funk style', in the same vein as Les McCann or Ramsey Lewis." (Jazz Classique Magazine)
Alain Mion is a talented composer internationally recognized as fine melodist, singer and arranger, radio hits maker (Pheno-Men, Devil's Dance, The Tap Tap), gifted with a virtuoso pianist technique and a rare infectious energy.


Alain Mion solo piano

Alain Mion Trio

Swedish bassist Patrik Boman (Artist of the Year 2000) and German drummer Michael Kersting (Laureate "Jazz Prize of Baden-Wuerttemberg"), Alain's regular accompanists are top level international musicians and have amazing credits, playing and recording all over the world with the greatest artists.

Line Up

Alain Mion - grand piano, keyboards, vocal
Patrik Boman - bass
Michael Kersting - drums

On stage: 3
Travel party: 4

Alain Mion & the New Cortex

, now considered as the greatest group of French jazz funk, founded and directed by Alain Mion during the seventies, is admired today by the "funk addicts" all around the world, very often sampled and compiled by Rap and DJ stars worldwide.

Line Up

Alain Mion - grand piano, keyboards, vocal
Patrik Boman - bass
Adeline de Lépinay - vocal, percussion, keyboards
Michael Kersting - drums
Loic Soulat - alto sax, flute
Greg Delétang - tenor sax
Phil Brohet - tenor sax

On stage: 7
Travel party: 9

Music samples

Alain Mion & the New Cortex:

videos Alain Mion & the New Cortex

"La Rue" live concert

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