Saxophonist and composer Juergen Hagenlocher keeps his modal Bop recital fresh in several ways. First of all, there's his own playing. He incorpoates almost Lestorian turns of phrase into solos, and accents them Swing riffs, all the while sounding perfectly in keeping with the style. He also benefits from strong solo efforts of his sidemen, especially Alex Sipiagin.

Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet
In May 2011 Juergen recorded his third CD in New York with an outstanding new Quintet:
Alex Sipiagin - trumpet, David Kikoski - piano, Boris Kozlov - bass, Nate Smith - drums.
This Quintet played already successfully several festivals and jazz clubs.

Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet

Line Up
Jürgen Hagenlocher - tenor sax
Alex Sipiagin - trumpet
David Kikoski - piano
Boris Kozlov - bass
Donald Edwards - drums

On stage: 5 
Travel party: 5


Jürgen Hagenlocher Group

Line Up
Jürgen Hagenlocher -  tenor saxophone
Alex Sipiagin - trumpet
Dano Haider - guitar
Thomas Bauser - hammond B3 organ
Jörg Eckel - drums

On stage: 5
Travel party: 5

Music samples

Square Wheel - Jürgen Hagenlocher Group
Split Society - Jürgen Hagenlocher Group
Circumstances - Jürgen Hagenlocher Group

Pollyanna - Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet
The Myth Of The Dreamcatcher - Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet
April's Mood - Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet
Corruptionists - Jürgen Hagenlocher Quintet

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