innovative, alive, brilliant, witty, these are the adjectives that first cross your mind when listening to Masaa, the outstanding German-Lebanese band. As the concert goes on, more adjectives, often superlatives, would follow and come to your mind. This is a group that is anything but conventional. It is daring, creative, talented, and in the end makes great music that keeps you listening, that gets to you like no other. 
Masaa members are singer Rabih Lahoud, accompanied by Marcus Rust on trumpet, Clemens Po?tzsch on piano and Demian Kappenstein on drums. 
The band shines with its unconventional approach to music. It finds inspiration in a superb blend of contemporary jazz, world music, pop, and last but not least oriental sounds of Arabic poetry, an invaluable input by Lahoud. Despite these apparently very different sources, there is obvious and exquisite unity in the resulting sound that the band generates. The most stunning connivance is that between the vocalist and the trumpet. Whether they play in unison, in harmony or talk to each other in a conversational manner, they are simply amazing. 
Actually a good description of Lahoud’s performance would be to say he doesn’t actually sing, at least not in the traditional meaning of the verb, but that he plays an instrument called the voice – a tour de force he does so very well. By moments his special singing is reminiscent of that of the great American jazz vocalist Al Jarreau. 
Believe me such a kind of music your audience hasn’t heard before, the people will be enthusiastic.

«Emotional and probing the depth of sound - Masaa confidently performs the unbridled dance of freedom in a manner which is only possible in modern times of mistrust and animosity between widely separated world views.»Jazz Podium 09/2012 
"A very cool album with some moments of heartbreaking beauty. Highly Recommended."Wondering sounds 04/2014, New York (U.S.) 
"Just a thrilling album, and one of the brighter spots of 2014."Dave Sumner, Bird is the worm 04/2014
«It is poetry, that breathes, music pulsating in a unique rhythm.»Ralf Dombrowski, Jazzthing 04/2014

Line Up
Rabih Lahoud - vocals
Marcus Rust - trumpet
Clemens Pötzsch - piano
Demian Kappenstein - drums, percussion

On stage: 4
Travel party: 4




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